Lake Crescent is renown for its Speck (Black Crappie) fishing. 

 In the cooler months while they are schooling limit catches are normal. 

Fish in the 2lb range are caught regularly and 3lb are not uncommon.

Recent Crill studies have shown the lake to hold a larger than average Bass population in the keeper size.

 Lake Crescent is consistently picked as one of Florida's top 10 bass and catfish spots.   

Shiner fishing in the pre-spawn periods of Spring and Fall produce trophy fish. 

Bream, Mullet, and Catfish dominate the Summer months.

"Recent Photos"

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2stripers.jpg (73943 bytes)

2 nice Striped Bass!

largemouth.jpg (77152 bytes)

Largemouth Bass.

2specksf.jpg (61888 bytes)

3 pound Speck.

2specks.jpg (34045 bytes)

Speckled Perch Season!

speckstriper.jpg (60921 bytes)

Good Size Striper!

osprey.jpg (36317 bytes)

An Osprey's Catch.

gator.jpg (55158 bytes)

Gator Tail Anyone?

birds.jpg (62250 bytes)

Gator Food.

ospreycloseup.jpg (24835 bytes)

Close up of above.